About Us:

Midnight Moon is a small business located in the Costal city of Durban, in South Africa. It was established in 2023 to bring Fandom inspired Merch, Stationary and Art pieces to the locals. 

Note: Since we are just starting out we are still building our foundation and learning you and what your needs are so we can adapt what we have to offer. So feel free to send us feedback on what you would like us to stock. 

Letter from the owner:

Midnight Moon has been a dream and work in progress for me for a few years now. Being finally able to bring it to life seems surreal to me at this moment. As someone who is dedicated too many Fandoms I understand the struggle it is too find good affordable merchandise here in SA, especially in one store, so my goal is too do just that- To be a one stop shop for all Fan bases whilst also sharing some of my own personal art work, creations and designs based on Artists, Shows and Movies that inspired me to create them. One of my biggest inspirations is BTS ( yes they have paved the way) I discovered them back in 2014 through my love of Korean Shows, so I got to see them grow from being the underdogs of the Kpop industry to being worldwide sensations that are breaking countless world records. Seeing their growth and them as individuals inspired me in many ways. I am a Multi-stan, a Weeb and a Potterhead as well as part of many other Fandoms so I hope I can connect with you through them. I am Keen to learn about what fandoms you are part off and what inspires you so feel free to send me an email on mia@midnightmoon.store to let me know what Fandoms you are part off and would like to see in our store. 

Kind Regards,

Mia x